ARC.1000.158 - David Kusevitsky Music Collection

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Abstract/Description: The David Kusevitsky Music Collection consists of several small manuscript collections of liturgical recitatives, many composed by "D.K.", and are in both mastersheet (tissue manuscript) and black-line print (diazo duplicate form). Several of these date from the 1970s, when Kusevitsky was an instructor of hazzanut at New York's Jewish Teacher's Seminary at the Herzliah Institute. There is also a bound book of cantor's recitatives stamped "D. Kusewicki, Dyrygent Wielkej Synagogi, Rowne, Cicha," circa 1932. Also included are several individual recits by other composers, some published, as well as arrangements by pianist Reuven Kosakoff, who appears to have often accompanied Kusevitsky. Finally, the archival material includes programs related to special concerts and events, such as Kusevitsky's 20th, 30th, and 35th anniversary celebrations with Temple Emanu-El of Borough Park, 1968, 1978, 1983; newspaper clippings, 1953-1979; as well as some correspondence, which includes a signed letter from Tel Aviv mayor, Shlomo Lahat, 1978.
Subject(s): Temple Emanu-El of Borough Park (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
Cantors (Judaism)
Date Issued: 1930