ARC 52 - Historical Documents Collection

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Abstract/Description: The Historical Documents Collection consists of Jewish communal records and business records; personal and family papers; official and private correspondence; and legal documents from Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, and other European countries. The documents cover a wide range of topics reflecting Jewish life in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Europe. Some communities represented in the collection include Luneberg, Ostrowo, Hessen, Bamberg, Bayreuth, Biersdorf, Hildesheim, Borek, Rugesen, Santomischel, Sandberg, Sarne-Sarnowo, Barby, Venice, Mantua, Dornitz, and elsewhere. The collection also includes papers of the Obermeyer family, Levi Heine, the Menke family, Jacob Israel Carmi, and others.
Subject(s): Carmi, Jacob Israel, 1767-1849
Heine, Levi
Obermeyer family
Menke family
Jews -- Germany
Jews -- France
Jews -- Italy
Jews -- Poland
Jews -- Romania
Jews -- Soviet Union
Jews -- United States
Jews -- Commerce
Date Issued: 1450