ARC 2000-01 - Samuel Dresner Notes in Preparation for Abraham Joshua Heschel: Prophetic Witness

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Abstract/Description: This collection consists of Samuel Dresner's notes for Abraham Joshua Heschel: Prophetic Witness. The files fall into a few major categories: transcripts of interviews with various informants on Heschel's life; subject files consisting of sundry materials on a given subject, such as "Christianity" or "Feminism"; short summaries written by Dresner on various issues in Heschel's life; material, such as notes and manuscripts, for Heschel's various publications, filed by title; other people's writing on Heschel, filed by the author's name. Some files contain what are probably Heschel's manuscripts with his notes and corrections, either handwritten or typed. The collection also includes various cassettes that all relate to Heschel.
Subject(s): Gillman, Neil
Greene, Arthur
Heschel, Abraham Joshua, 1907-1972
Kaplan, Edward K, 1942-
Kimelman, Reuven
Lukinsky, Joseph
Novak, David, 1941-
Rothschild, Fritz A
Tannenzapf, Sol
Wertheimer, Jack
Jews -- Biography