ARC.2020.02 Roth, Joel Papers, 1978-2006 (bulk)

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Abstract/Description: The Joel Roth Papers consist of materials related to Dr. Roth's tenure as a member and chairman of the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, from 1978 to 2006. This collection is divided into two series: Administrative Files and Subject Files. Administrative Files include correspondence, meeting minutes, agendas, procedural rules, and sub-committee materials. Correspondence generally relates to administrative matters, such as appointments to the CJLS, but also includes responses to questions on Jewish law. Some committee folders were previously arranged alphabetically with the Subject Files, and these files contain meeting minutes, correspondence, and research materials. This series also includes 4 folders related to the Joint Beit Din, a body of 9 Conservative rabbis which authorizes divorces (gittin), which are not open to research. Many of the types of administrative documents in this series can also be found within relevant Subject Files. Subject Files are arranged alphabetically and relate to matters studied and debated by the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards. Materials include procedural documents such as minutes, agendas, responsa, and drafts, some of which contain Joel Roth's notes and records of voting decisions, as well as research documents such as pamphlets, articles, research papers, newsletters, and previously published responsa. Some subject files also include correspondence. Many folders include Hebrew materials. Folder titles were transcribed directly, with the exception of Hebrew words or phrases which were transliterated.
Subject(s): Rabbinical Assembly. Committee on Jewish Law and Standards
Rabbinical Assembly
Abortion (Jewish law)
Absence and presumption of death (Jewish law)
Apartment houses, Cooperative (Jewish law)
Artificial insemination, Human (Jewish law)
Autopsy (Jewish law)
Birth control (Jewish law)
Burial laws (Jewish law)
Capacity and disability (Jewish law)
Cemeteries (Jewish law)
Dead bodies (Jewish law)
Divorce (Jewish law)
Divorce suits (Jewish law)
Donation of organs, tissues, etc. (Jewish law)
Euthanasia (Jewish law)
Exhumation (Jewish law)
Fetus (Jewish law)
Gambling (Jewish law)
Gender transition (Jewish law)
Gentiles (Jewish law)
Human reproduction (Jewish law)
Intellectual property (Jewish law)
Interfaith marriage (Jewish law)
Jewish law
Jews--Dietary laws
Karaites (Jewish law)
Labor laws and legislation (Jewish law)
Marriage--Annulment (Jewish law)
Married women (Jewish law)
Parent and child (Jewish law)
Passover--Customs and practices
People with disabilities (Jewish law)
Prenuptial agreements (Jewish law)
Prisoners of war (Jewish law)
Privacy, Right of (Jewish law)
Rabbis -- United States
Sabbath (Jewish law)
Smoking (Jewish law)
Synagogues (Jewish law)
Transplantation of organs, tissues, etc. (Jewish law)
Wills (Jewish law)
Women (Jewish law)
Date Issued: 1928