Pirke Avot and Hebrew liturgical poems rendered into Judeo-Persian, Amon yom zeh, אמון יום זה, Azharot, אזהרות, Tafsir Azharot, תפסיר אזהרות, Tafsir ʻAḳedat Yitsḥaḳ, תפסיר עקידת יצחק, Torat ʻaziz ṿa-daras ḳadsi, תוראת עזיז ודרס' ק'דסי, Mishnah. Avot. 1809, Mishnah. Avot. Judeo Persian. 1809

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Abstract/Description: Liturgical collection containing vocalized Hebrew texts of Pirke avot (Ethics of the Fathers) and piyutim, especially Azharot for the Shavuot festival, with Judeo-Persian tafsir (translation-interpretation)
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Mishnah. Avot
Judeo-Persian poetry -- Early works to 1800
Azharot -- Translations into Judeo-Persian