Hagadah li-layyali Pesaḥ. Ṣ̄ahir, Hagadah shel Pesah ke-fi minhag Maroko, Hgdh l-lyyly Fsh, Ṣ̄ahir, Ṣ̄hr, Tsahir, Tikun Pesah, Haggadah (Morocco, Tafilalat), Haggadah (Sephardic, Morocco, Tafilalat), הגדה לליילי פסח. צ'היר, הגדה של פסח כפי מנהג מרוקו, צ'היר, תקון פסח

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Abstract/Description: A Tikun Pesah, which is a Moroccan Passover liturgical book comprising two elements: a Haggadah containing additional readings and instructions in Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic (in both formal and colloquial registers); a Ṣ̄ahir/Ḏahir, a collection of piyutim (mostly in Aramaic), most of which are ancient reshuyot, the Aramaic hymns that inroduce the Aramaic translations of the haftarot (the prophetic lections following the Torah readings) recited over course of the festival.
Subject(s): Haggadot -- Texts
Piyutim -- Texts
Passover -- Liturgy -- Texts
Judaism -- Morocco -- Fez -- Liturgy -- Texts
Judaism -- Moroccan rite -- Liturgy -- Texts
Jewish illumination of books and manuscripts -- Morocco
Date Issued: 18uu