Field recordings description from the Solomon Rosowsky Collection

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Abstract/Description: The Solomon Rosowsky Collection field recordings were made by Rosowsky in pre-state Israel between 1936 and 1938. They were recorded to demonstrate the execution of Hebrew Biblical cantilation symbols in different regional practices. Collection includes recordings of the Ashkenazi, Babylonian, Kurdish, Samaritan, Sefarad, Yemenite and Yeshurun (Jerusalem) traditions. Recordings may be searched by these traditions as well as by performer, title, cantillation symbol, or the LOC title of the Biblical book being chanted (i.e. Song of Solomon, Esther, Genesis, Ecclesiasticus, Psalms, etc.).
Subject(s): Bible. Song of Solomon
Bible. O.T. Esther
Bible. O.T. Ruth
Bible. O.T. Lamentations
Bible. O.T. Ecclesiastes
Bible. Genesis
Bible. O.T. Leviticus
Bible. O.T. Joshua
Bible. O.T. Job
Bible. O.T. Daniel
Bible. Psalms
Cantillation -- Israel
Cantillation -- Instruction and study
Jewish chants
Psalms (Music)
Date Issued: 1936