Abstract/Description: The text of the ketubah is written within an archway supported by two columns with entwined leaves. A banner with the wish "be-siman tov" is in the upper part of the arch. A cartouche with text can be found at the bottom of the archway. There are narrow arches on either side of the text with flowers. The arch on the right is topped by a couple clasping hands.
Subject(s): אלואריס, רפאל מינדיס, חתן.
Alvares (or Alvarez), Raphael [Ralph] Mendes, groom.
ערבי, מרים בת הגביר יצחק נ"ע, כלה.
Arby, Miriam daughter of the late Isaac, bride.
D'Azevedo, Moses ha-Cohen, witness.
de Crasto, David, witness.
England -- London
Date Issued: 5537 Heshvan 17