Hagadah shel Pesaḥ sefaradit metsuyeret mi-yeme ha-benayim, הגדה של פסח ספרדית מצוירת מימי הבינים, Prato Haggadah, Hagadat Praṭo, Haggadah (Sephardic) 1300

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Abstract/Description: Partially illuminated Passover Haggadah on parchment according to the Sephardic rite, complete except for blessings at the beginning and over the meal (whose omission may simply have been a matter of convention); three additional quires containing the final text according to the Italian rite, copied in the mid-15th century, follow; a partially realized cycle of Biblical scenes at the end belong with the Sephardic part.
Subject(s): Judaism -- Liturgy -- Texts -- Early works to 1800
Judaism -- Liturgy -- Sephardic rite -- Texts -- Early works to 1800
Haggadah -- Illustrations -- Early works to 1800
Date Issued: circa 1300 and circa 1450